How It's Going

In June 2021 I received a letter from the DMV advising me that my plate "does not represent the State and the Division in a positive manner" and was being recalled. I was very upset and immediately started looking into my options. After contacting several legislators, the Director of the DMV and the Secretary of the DOT I was unable to make any progress with my request to have the decision to recall my plate overturned. I reached out to the ACLU several times between June and December 2021, but I did not hear back from them until January 2022. I contacted several attorneys and although the attorneys I spoke with and exchanged emails with were optimistic and agreed I had a good case they all required an upfront payment of $5,000 - $6,000 to start work on my case. I do not have that kind of money so on August 4, 2021 I went to the US District Court for the District of Delaware to file a complaint for a civil case as a Pro Se Plaintiff. I was given case number 1:21-cv-01133-RGA. On November 27, 2021 I received notice that the Defendants had filed a motion to dismiss. On November 30, 2021 I filed a motion for extension of time to respond to the Defendants motion to dismiss and my request was granted. On January 6, 2022 I filed my answer to the motion to dismiss and a motion to make an amendment to my original complaint. On January 27, 2022 I received notice of the Defendants response in support of their motion to dismiss and response to my motion to amend the original complaint. Now I just have to wait for the judge to rule on all the outstanding motions and his ruling will determine if this case moves forward or dies before it even gets it's day in court. I'm optimistic because if the judge agrees to allow the case to move forward I believe I have good arguments, and recent cases from other states to back up my position and if the judge agrees with the Defendant's motion to dismiss the ACLU has indicated to me that they may be interested in taking on my case and appealing the dismissal.

DOT Letter.pdf
Complaint for a Civil Case.pdf
Motion to Dismiss.pdf
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Motion to Amend.pdf
Support Motion to Dismiss.pdf
Response to Motion to Amend.pdf